After many years of serving the performing arts industry, we have now closed our doors, with our management team moving on to new career paths and goals.

It's been our sincere pleasure to have helped thousands of performers find work over the 6 years we have been live, as well as assisted employers find the right talent for their castings, quickly and easily.

What does this mean for you?


  • Any performers with active subscriptions have had their subscriptions cancelled on 29th July 2017. No further payments will be taken beyond this date.
    • If you have made a payment covering a date range after this date, you will have your subscription payment pro rated and refunded within a few working days of the closure.
    • Example: If you paid a monthly subscription payment of £15 on 15th July, this covers you for a period of 15th July until 14th August. The number of days remaining on the subscription after 29th July is 17 days therefore you will be refunded 17/30ths of the £15 = £8.50.
  • All performer profiles, messages and applications have been removed and deleted as of the closure date.


  • All jobs and listings, including any corresponding applications and messages have been removed and deleted from our database as of the closure date.

We'd like to thank you for supporting Talent Cast over the years; it’s been our pleasure to be part of such a wonderful industry.

If you have any further questions, please email them to by 31st August 2017.